French Government Hopes To Speed Up NFC Use

By June 16, 2015 Credit Cards No Comments

Despite the fact that smartphones and bank cards are NFC-based and that new NFC driven apps are increasingly available, the technology remains rather marginal in France. The infrastructure is there without the interest, reports ZDNet in France. One hurdle is the fact that stores are ill-equipped, and another is that consumers are still a bit skeptical.

According to recent statistics from the French Association of Contactless Mobile, the number of contactless payment cards have increased by 60 percent between 2013 and 2014 with more than 33 million circulating in France. However, only 18 percent of consumers who own a contactless payment card actually use it.

Another study, conducted by Deloitte in October 2014, confirmed that French mobile users are taking a rather conservative approach to m-commerce. Of those surveyed, 19 percent had made a purchase via their mobile, 11 percent had transferred funds, and only 3 percent had used it to pay in-store. All in all, 55 percent had never used a mobile phone as a payment device. And only 35 percent were actually interested in testing their mobile phone as a payment device. From a retail perspective, only 20 to 21 percent of stores in France have the technological support to back mobile payments.

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