Capturing the brand

Cosgrove Associates is recognized as one of the leading card design firms in the United States. The agency has over 30 years of experience working with some of America’s leading companies and influential card issuers. We are a proven resource for all aspects of card development, design, card production and marketing. Whether your need is a single card or a comprehensive card brand system, we can help.

Creating top-of-wallet card choices

We create a wide array of cards and card programs for Visa and their member banks, handling every aspect from start to finish. Our full-service capabilities include:


Connecting with customers

As a financial instrument, successful card design captures the brand of the issuer, helps build brand equity and instills confidence in the user. As a symbol of membership, it connects with the customer on an emotional level, and reflects his or her affinities and lifestyles.


Testing the waters

To ensure a new card is well-targeted, the agency works with clients to conduct market research surveys via the web and/or focus groups to test a range of criteria such as card names, designs and branding emphasis.


Mastering the details

Designing and printing on plastic involves a specialized knowledge through every stage of production – from prepping to proofing to printing and finishing. So whether you request ten thousand or ten million cards, you can be assured we cover all the steps necessary to achieve a successful result.


Putting the brand in hand

The agency offers full-service marketing capabilities from ideation and strategic positioning to custom marketing solutions. We can help launch products, acquire new customers, promote usage and build loyalty.

A look inside

There’s more to a credit card than meets the eye. Our expertise covers everything that goes on, into and between the plastic.